Wedding Dresses 101 – Finding That Gown

Ok, you may have a dream wedding gown is mind, but do you really know you much about dresses? Well, what about the wedding dresses?

To get your head round the 2 questions, please scroll down to the image summary below before you blow your savings away on the wrong gown. Things to consider before you buy a wedding dress includes the silhouette, the neckline, the length of the train, the type of fabric for the dress. Here’s a fact about Satin, although it is shiny and smooth, it is a heavy material.

So if your wedding dress is entirely made out of Satin, it can weigh up to ten pounds, it’s like 4.5 kg. Thin about it, and ask yourself if you can carry an extra 10 pounds just by wearing your wedding dress for the entire wedding day …. and night! It’s a heavy load to wear with …. and tiring!

Not only do wedding dresses have to be seriously considered, the cost of the the dress must be under your budget. Let’s face it, it is not going to be cheap, and arranging a wedding in general is not cheap. For the true cost of running a wedding, read this article here.

Once you have an idea on a particular style for your wedding dress, head off to a bridal shop with pictures of the dresses you are interested in buying

There are a few questions you need to ask before looking at your first dress. Find out, do you have to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses? Does the store carry dresses that fit your budget? Can they order the dress you found in a magazine? Will they allow you to browse the whole collection or are you limited to what they choose to show you?

Once these questions have been answered and you have found a dress that you really like, there are more questions to be asked. Can this neckline be altered to a scoop neck instead of a vee? Can the dress be held for 24 hours while I give it some thought? Then go home and relax, go back in 24 hours and see if you still love it. If so then put down the deposit.

Wedding Dresses

If on the other hand you don’t like a dress, but your mom or friend loves it , again wait 24 hours and then go back for another look. If you still hate it don’t buy it. It is your wedding and you won’t be happy if you don’t feel beautiful.

After you have chosen the dress, the seamstress will measure your bust, waist hips and waist to floor length, and then will let you know what alterations will be needed. Just about every dress needs some alterations. You will need to go in for fittings at least two or three times.

If alterations are needed, what is the cost? Ask for a written estimate for the alterations. If a shop wont give you an estimate, run don’t walk to another shop.

Ok, now that you have your wedding dress in mind and the budget, here is a must read article – 2 Easy Tips on Choosing the Right Weddings Dresses For You

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