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8 Stunning Bridesmaid Dresses

Want bridesmaid dress that will be elegant and stunning for the big wedding day? On this post, we have found 8 lovely dresses that will not take the attention away from your wedding dress, but will blend and compliment the wedding dress.

4 Creative Rustic Wedding Signs

If you want a charming rustic wedding decor, then why not give the following 4 rustic wedding signs a try.

For sure, these rustic signs will add a chic striking note to the wedding.

4 Ideas For Unique Weddings

A romantic yet memorable wedding will have an ever lasting on the bride and groom … and guests. To do this is no easy feat as it need creativity and preparation.

So here are 4 unique wedding ideas to inspire you dream wedding day.

Wedding Favors

Cheap Wedding Favors

Depending on the size of your wedding the budget for your wedding favors can be very important. This is important because you may be planning on allowing for one favor for each guest or one for each couple. Whichever you decide to do

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

The purpose of wedding favors is to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and ultimately showing their support for your commitment to each other. As a result you should really try to find wedding favors which your guest will love. In some cases this may mean you have to give your guests a wedding favor which may not appeal

Practical Wedding Favors

A considerate bride and groom may want to think about giving out wedding favors which are practical instead of simply easy, inexpensive or suitable for the theme of the wedding. This is important because favors which are given for other …

Wedding Cakes

Ideas For a DIY Wedding Cake Design

Want to design and bake your own 3 tier wedding cake? You’re the best .. plus you will save some serious money. If you are good with baking, then why not give it a go, and save some money. For the ladies or gents who are not so keen on baking, you need …

4 Tips When Buying Wedding Cakes

When you want to knock their socks off; when you want them to stand up and cheer; when nothing but the best will do because it is …

Wedding Hairstyles

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