About Us

Welcome! We are a team of 3 married ladies who wants to share our experiences, tips, frustrations and joy of planning your big day. Without a doubt, planning a wedding is not easy, it can be hard and expensive. Hence this site was created with best wedding ideas to help you plan for that dream wedding of yours.

The aim of this site is to provide handy and practical ideas to create wonderful memories of your big day. In addition there will be some relevant harsh truths when it comes to planning a wedding. And aside from planning a romantic day, is the expense.

It will not be cheap, and the reality is, you will to stick to a budget. Too many couples and families get caught up on the wants and not on the needs.

And so from the first stage of planning to the wedding photography, wedding reception, wedding cake to the big day, there are a variety of creative and easy ideas to be picked up here.

With any wedding you will have to plan well, plan for the weather, plan for the unexpected and plan well ahead. Plus don’t be afraid to ask for help as it can be stressful! We all did, and we have been there too.

This humble website is  packed with useful guide and tips, as well, we endeavour to add new articles on a monthly basis to help you stay on top of your wedding matters. The three married ladies here have teamed up to work hard and with the aim to provide useful information you need.

Here’s to the bride and groom!


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